Global Agents/Company Partners/Franchisees Wanted

The 911 World Ltd. is based in Calgary Alberta, Canada and our team cannot possibly serve the entire globe so we are looking for Agents/Company Partner/Franchisees to serve and represent us around the world.

Our IT group will support you directly and our entire suite of products are stored in the cloud so all you need is a laptop and a smartphone.

An Agent is a single person that is interested to represent our products.

A Company Partner is an existing company that wishes to add our Products to its existing line of products.

We have 2 product lines: Mobile Apps and Systems.

We only want people that get what we do! So please spend 2 -4 hours reviewing our systems and if you think they are as amazing as we do then please reach out to us.

All you need is knowledge, passion, connections, the internet, a smartphone and a laptop or tablet for demo purposes.

Please contact the 911 World Team and we can discuss our Agent Terms with you.