City 311

City 311 System

The City 311 App is a wonderful tool that instantly connects City Hall with its Residents. It enables an intelligent two-way communication when needed to help make your Town/City or District even more livable.

The CITY 311 is centered on a live map presenting all of your city’s buildings, landmarks, assets and other supporting structures encased in a powerful app.

The CITY 311 system is comprised of 3 components all working together and served up on the web with no IT overhead or IT expense for your team. You do not require a server or even a support person. We do require appoint of contact to support, it is that simple. Each of the components here can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • The CITY 311 Monitoring and Response Console receives all of the communication from your residents and responders.
  • The CITY 311 Responder App is a controlled App with access restricted by the system administrator.
  • The CITY 311 Resident App The Resident App is easily downloaded and 90% of the User Profile is optional.