SafeCop App

SafeCop App

The Safe Cop System was created to make the officers safe and more effective at work.

It is composed of up to 6 components, the Dispatch System, the Safe Cop App, Vehicle Monitoring System, Live Map, Resident App (Optional Component), We Watch App (Optional Component) working together as one. You can add the Optional Components to the SafeCop System to have more amazing capabilities

The Safe Cop App has four “1 touch” emergency communications and it is designed to quickly record critical data and send it as needed seamlessly and instantly.

The Safe Cop App is private, secured and completely customizable. Its capabilities are endless and expandable. Training on the App takes minutes, training for the Monitoring Response Center (MRC) takes about an hour!


  • A Tactical App Map. The map is live and is constantly being updated by other Officers and the MRC. The map features all of the data that an Officer needs to be effective.
  • Notebook using this feature allows you to create audio notes, video notes, written reports and pictures then you can choose WHERE this data is sent to. The data can go right from the Officer to the Courtroom.
  • An Officer can initiate a Live Broadcast when needed to share their vision. The Officer can send a Live Video & Audio Stream directly to the MRC and or to other Officers with the App.
  • Officer Down 1 touch of this button and the MRC and all Officers are instantly notified and the location where the Officer is down is shared.
  • HELP 1 touch of this button and the MRC and all Officers are instantly notified and the location of the Officer is shared and is constantly updated as the Officer moves about.
  • Pursuit Tracker, 1 touch and both the App and the MRC are notified and the pursuit is seen on the Tactical Map and it is tracked and recorded.
  • Field Notes can be instantly added to the Tactical Map. This is an amazing on scene Tactical Planner.
    Features such as: Suspicious Building/Suspicious Activity/Active Fire/Car Accident/Muster Point/Helipad/Sniper location etc.
  • MRC Live Streaming, the MRC can live stream the App when needed and record the video/audio to HELP the Officer when needed.
  • A powerful Work Alone Module can be used for Officers working in even higher risk circumstances.

  • The Dispatch Console includes a Dispatch System that facilitates; 911 Call placement and response, Officer Tracking, Monitoring, Live Broadcasts & Live Streaming, Data Collection and can communicate outwardly to the Apps. In seconds a 911 call can be added to the tactical map and it is responsive. Officers can interact with the App and it auto updates for all to see.
  • The Dispatch Console is a powerful, web based, user interface centered on a live Tactical Map. It facilitates tracking, monitoring, live broadcasting and streaming, data collecting and communicating to the SCAs.
  • The Dispatch Console is a map based that gives visual and audible clues when a response is required by the SCA. Its prime focus is to empower Officers and to receive, share and store critical data.

Click Here to download the Safe Cop App for Android.

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You may also visit the website dedicated for Safe Cop Here.