Ski Angel – System Overview

Ski Angel – System Overview

The Ski Angel is centered on a live map presenting all of your resort features, assets and supporting structures encased in a powerful app. The system can reach out to your guests to further stay in touch to keep them both returning and fully satisfied with their experience.

Ski Angel Components:


The Resort Response Console (RRC) receives all of the communication from your guests and your responders.

  • It manages an unlimited number of Guest Apps and Responder Apps.
  • You can mark your “out of bounds” with our Geo-fence. The system will be alerted once the guest has trespassed the area where they are not bound to go.
  • An unlimited number of features can be added to your map with all of the associated data. Users can see all with a tap of their screens.
  • We can put your live map or maps right into your resort website that presents all of your map data for public consumption and information.
    • All Resort features will be added complete with all with guidelines, operating hours, pictures videos, cameras etc.
    • You can update this map at your leisure all is linked.
    • Integrate all of your cameras into our map and more.
  • You can MASS MESSAGE your guests or send specific messages to specific groups or to specific groups in specific areas.
    • You can send them advertisements or promotional items
    • You can send them reminders
  • You can send them reminders
  • You can receive REPORTS from your guests complete:
    • Pictures or narrated videos and written comments
    • The report is GPS located and the Time and Sender are attached the REPORT.
    • The reporting guest can be livestreamed so that additional information is gathered. This livestream can be shared internally amongst Response Consoles.
  • System training takes less than 2 hours.
  • We can further customize almost anything to your specific needs.


The Responder App is controlled by your system admin. This App is given to Ski Patrollers, Lift Operators, Management, Maintenance, Operations etc.

The App is actively tracked and responders can be seen by your guests. The App can see “Reports and Helps” on their map for more effective response.

The Responder App has these focused features:

  • It is actively tracked and and the Guest App can see Responders on their App Map.
  • The App is also focused on a map and all Helps are displayed on the App Map.
  • The App can also receive Messages and Warnings and can communicate with the Response Center.
  • Reports can be submitted.


This Android or Apple App is easily downloaded and 90% of the User Profile is optional. People can instantly sign up with their FB account.

The Guest App has these amazing features:

  • The User Profile is 90% voluntary but the more data you add the more someone can assist you when needed.
  • Sign up in seconds while waiting to purchase a ticket.
  • Never lose your car again, when you leave your car you can press: mark my ride.
  • Track your ski-day; use our Track Me feature complete with pics and videos
  • Use the App Map to find all of the resort features and details.
  • Add a meeting place to your own map, a spatial reminder for your friends
  • Receive Messages and Warnings.
Ski Angel Downloads

Download The Ski Angel Guest App below:

Download The Ski Angel Responder App below:

For more informations and suggestions please visit the Ski Angel Website at