Ski Angel

Ski Angel System

The SA system is an amazing response, tracking, communications and marketing tool designed to enhance your customers experience and to keep you in touch with your customers.

Simple and effective it provides amazing value.

The Ski Angel system is comprised of 3 components all working together and served up on the web with no IT overhead or IT expense for your team. You do not require a server or even a support person. We do require appoint of contact to support, it is that simple. Each of the components here can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • The SA Resort Response Console (PRC) receives all of the communication from your guests and your responders.
  • The SA Responder App is controlled by your system admin. This App is given to Ski Patrollers, Lift Operators, Management, Maintenance, Operations etc.
  • The SA Guest App can easily downloaded and 90% of the User Profile is optional. People can instantly sign up with their FB account.