The Responder App

The Responder App

The Responder App was created to “Serve & Protect” your Team.

The Responder App is a comprised of 2 components; our Responder App and our Monitoring and Response System (MRS). Together these 2 components serve, protect and communicate with your Team in amazing ways and it is always there to provide HELP when needed.

The Responder App is downloaded for free but access is controlled and created by the Monitoring and Response Station. The Monitoring and Response Station must create the Username and Password for the App and must deliver their unique instance code.


  • App Map. The App Map is the center of the App featuring all relevant data and is 100% searchable like Google Maps. The Map can feature; Bases Buildings, Projects, Warnings and other App users.
  • Bases. Each Client Company will have their own Base created by the Call Center. The key company contact data is attached to this Base. The Base can be seen on the App Map. Each client that receives an App is attached to the Company Base for ease of organization and sorting.
  • Create a Report. Pics, videos and other documents can be submitted and this report can be customized for your company.
  • Customization. The App can be changed as needed by our Team of Programmers to meet specific needs.
  • Free upgrades. Once you have the system you will receive free App upgrades for life.
  • Map Features. Many other entities of note can be added to the Map for your Responder to see and use. Critical data and pictures can be added to the Features.
  • Map Notes. The App user can add public or private map notes to the App Map. Public notes are seen by the MRS and the Team. Private notes are only seen by the User. These notes can remind you of where you have been.
  • Real Time GPS Tracking. The App User can be seen by other App Users and the MRS as long as they are logged into the system. The system tracking uses the phones GPS chip and is constantly updated the location of the phone.
  • Request Assistance Button
  • Work Alone System (WAS)

Access to the MRS is easily shared and many MRS Technicians can be logged onto the system at the same time. The MRS can easily be used/viewed outside of the office as there is no special equipment required and the training needed is minimal.

The MRS is map based and gives visual and audible clues when a response is required from a RA.

In order to utilize the MRS all that is needed are:

  • Access to the MRS via a generated Username and Password
  • The Internet and a telephone

The MRS tracks and can see all RAs (unless they wish to be not tracked) and always knows who is using the Work Alone Module.

The Map assists the Monitoring and Response Station in responding more effectively to a Worker’s needs and thousands of Workers can be tracked.

The MRS can send out precise messages and warnings as needed to the Users.


  • The MRS can see the RA anywhere in the world.
  • Any moving vehicle can easily be tracked if the driver has a smartphone with the RA
  • The RA can be livestreamed in the event it is needed. This live stream can be viewed by multiple MRS Techs.
  • The RA can receive data and Projects right to their App sent by the MRS.
  • Users can use the App to provide Reports complete with video or pictures to the MRS.
  • The MRS can quickly and easily issue Warnings/Notifications can be given to certain subgroups
  • CCTV cameras can be included in the MRS Map.
  • Any web based signal could be integrated into the Map.
  • The MRS can accommodate multiple businesses transferring their monitoring responsibilities to the Monitoring and Response Station, it is easy and effective.
  • The HELP function works even without internet capabilities.
  • The MRS can create targeted messages to groups of the RAs

Click Here to download The Responder App for Android.

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