We Watch App

We Watch App

The WE WATCH SYSTEM was designed and created to support the police and the people by allowing concerned citizens to take part in making their community a safe place to live.

The system is composed of two components, the WE WATCH APP and the MONITORING & RESPONSE CONSOLE (MRC), working together as one.

The WE WATCH APP lets its users, the members of the community, be witnesses by recording evidences of any unusual acts around them. They can even live stream and broadcast the event to the world.

The WE WATCH APP works with our Safe Cop System which are used by the Law Enforcement Agencies. These two system can work together to ensure the peace and security of the community.


  • Live Tactical Map
  • Work Alone Tracking & Response
  • Live Broadcast to MRC
  • Live Map (Web Based)
  • Field Notes
  • Warnings and Messages
  • Shift Tracker
  • Help

  • The MONITORING & RESPONSE CONSOLE (MRC) is a powerful, web based, user interface centered on a live Tactical Map. It facilitates tracking, monitoring, live broadcasting and streaming, data collecting and communicating to the WE WATCH APPs.
  • The MRC is a map based that gives visual and audible clues when a response is required by the WE WATCH APP. Its prime focus is to ensure the safety of the community.
  • The tactical map assists the MRC in responding more effectively to an WE WATCH APPs needs. The tactical map can be filled with features and it is being updated constantly.
  • Click Here to download the We Watch App for Android.

    You may also visit the website dedicated for We Watch App for more information Here.